Rudolfo Additional Adjustable Rectanglular Shelf by HABA, 122176

Lead Time: 12-14 Weeks

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Quick Overview

Rudolfo Additional Adjustable Rectanglular Shelf by HABA. W 16 ¾“ x D 12 ¾“. Ten year warranty. Made in Germany.

Add shelf to any non-curved Rudolfo shelving.
Product Description
This shelving system features colored acrylic back panels and versatile options. The basic and add-on shelves can be combined depending on how much room is available or how much storage space is needed. Straight-line or curved shelf walls can be created. Colored acrylic back panels are especially attractive when using different heights in rooms with sloped ceilings - interesting effects can be created. If space requirements change, the shelving can be easily rearranged or expanded, and additional acrylic back panels or shelves can be installed. Thanks to a depth of 14“ and flexible arranging of the shelves, books shelves, books and binders can also easily be stored.
Additional Info
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Brand HABA
Shipping Info
Lead Time 12-14 Weeks