Designing Joyful Learning Spaces: Gressco's Innovative Room Concepts

Explore Some of Our Room Concepts for Educational and Playful Settings Below.

Gressco specializes in creating efficient and innovative room solutions for educational settings. Our designs are tailored to enhance learning environments, combining functionality with creativity. From libraries to classrooms, our room concepts are thoughtfully designed to foster an effective and inspiring educational experience.

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Grow.upp Movement Space

Grow.upp Dramatic Play

Soft foam at different heights supports the child's agility and promotes the development of balance. The "movement cabinet" has two different ascent possibilities and a plateau to crawl through. This room gives children a variety of physical and perceptual experiences.

Pedagogically thought-out placement with cabinets and carpets that help corner off areas of the room and allow children to pretend and perform. The wooden platforms can be converted into a gallery with spectator seats or stages.




Grow.upp Rest/Quiet Area

Grow.upp Classroom

Grow.upp helps create areas for rest and quiet with quality furniture, carpets, and upholstery. Harmonious color schemes not only give targeted visual impusles, but support relaxation.

The Grow.upp Classroom is oriented toward the needs of children of various ages. Climbing and movement platforms, corner, hiding, and sensation cabinets all invite children to play, move around, and to explore.


 Flexible Group Room with Tables

Breeze.upp Flexible Room with Tables

Breeze.upp Flexible Room for Shared Activity

 The concept of Breeze.upp includes the idea that the furniture allows the room to breathe in and out and thus adapt flexibility to the circumstances of day-to-day childcare. When the room breathes in,

 the chairs, tables, play and creative materials are available in the room  and ready for the children and staff.

The furniture storage spaces now offer room for relaxation in various retreat areas. When the room breathes out, the space-saving items
can be stowed away in cleverly integrated storage spaces in no time. Now the room is free again and has space for shared activities, movement, or rest.

 Breeze.upp Group Room Stack and Play Setup

Breeze.upp Retreat Area to Rest and Relax

The stacking stools and tables are arranged into a small group of tables on which children can build to their heart’s content. The building blocks come from the material trolley in a child-friendly height, which also offers a surface for building at the top. Children who prefer to stack close to the ground can find a comfortable and large construction site at different heights on the platforms with carpet covering in the corner of the room.

After running around and playing, children also need an area where they can relax again. The furniture storage space is ideal for this. With the cuddly round rug and a comfortable platform, children can get cozy here. If there is not enough space for everyone, the children’s sofa is an inviting option.

Breeze.Up Has a Solution for Every Pre-K Environment

With the Breeze.upp furniture from HABA Pro, we provide clever solutions for the entrance area as well as the group and staff room. We also have a multitude of products in our range for the sleep room, active play room, or outdoor play areas.
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