Room Concept Ideas




Grow.upp Movement Space

Grow.upp Dramatic Play


Soft foam at different heights supports the child's agility and promotes the development of balance. The "movement cabinet" has two different ascent possibilities and a plateau to crawl through. This room gives children a variety of physical and perceptual experiences.


Pedagogically thought-out placement with cabinets and carpets that help corner off areas of the room and allow children to pretend and perform. The wooden platforms can be converted into a gallery with spectator seats or stages.




Grow.upp Rest/Quiet Area

Grow.upp Classroom


Grow.upp helps create areas for rest and quiet with quality furniture, carpets, and upholstery. Harmonious color schemes not only give targeted visual impusles, but support relaxation.


The Grow.upp Classroom is oriented toward the needs of children of various ages. Climbing and movement platforms, corner, hiding, and sensation cabinets all invite children to play, move around, and to explore.