Breeze.upp Flexible Room Concept with Tables

The concept of Breeze.upp includes the idea that the furniture allows the room to breathe in and out and thus adapt flexibility to the circumstances of day-to-day childcare. When the room breathes in, the chairs, tables, play and creative materials are available in the room  and ready for the children and staff.

Flexible Group Room with Tables


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Item #

   Product Name 

# 1  1442523   HABA Pro Linus Teacher's Cabinet
# 2 1442133   HABA Pro Linus Base Cabinet with 8 Acrylic Front Drawers
# 3 1442670   HABA Pro Breeze.upp Children's Fabric Sofa
#4 1444124   HABA Pro Breeze.upp Soft Foam Fabric Platforms, Large: 19"H x 35½"W x 35½"L
#5 1444125   HABA Pro Breeze.upp Soft Foam Fabric Platforms, Medium: 8¾"H x 25½"W x 25½"L
#6 1444126   HABA Pro Breeze.upp Soft Foam Fabric Platforms, Small: 4¼"H x 17¾"W x 17¼"L
#7 1423044   HABA Pro Breeze.upp Folding Storage Trolley
#8 1422218   HABA Pro Breeze.upp Playhouse with Storage
# 9 1442629   HABA Pro Breeze.upp Stackable Stool
# 10 1442448   HABA Pro Breeze.upp Pullout 3 Platforms-All-In-One
# 11 1422822   HABA Pro Breeze.upp Stacking Tables
# 12 1422804   HABA Pro Height-Adjustable Teacher's Desk with Casters