HABA Pro YUNA Tall Hat Racks

Lead time: 12-14 Weeks

These hat racks can be combined with wardrobe benches to create
a perfect place for little ones coats, shoes, supplies and book bags.

HABA Pro YUNA Birch Tall Hat Racks. Ten yr warranty.
10¼"H x 8¾"D. Available in Variety of Widths & Cubbies.
Wt: 17¾ lbs. Made in Germany. Hooks Come in 5 Colors.

Tall Hat Rack Options:
1839134 - 31½"W w/4 Compartments
1839135 - 35½"W w/3 Compartments
1839136 - 39¼"W w/5 Compartments
1839138 - 47¼"W w/4 Compartments
1839139 - 47¼"W w/6 Compartments

  • Can be flexibly mounted
  • Odds and ends can be stored here
  • Used for upper finishing panels
  • Make corners and edges disappear

  • Replaces Items: 839134 - 839139.
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