HABA Pro Large Cozy Corner (Synthetic Leather), 1023334

Lead time: 12-14 Weeks

Young & Old alike can stretch out to their heart‘s content: to rest,
cuddle, read books or tell stories...Entry is extra-low for little ones.

HABA Pro Large Cozy Corner-Syn Leather, 1023334.
Dimensions: 67¾“W x 67¾“L. Back: 23¼“H. Entry: 3¼“.H
Weight: 44 lbs. Five eayr warranty. Made in Germany.

  • Quality foam core RG 25/40
  • Underside w/anti-slip material
  • Hygienic, easy to clean & disinfect
  • Handy for the corner

  • Replaces Item: 023334.

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