Wooden Vaulting Boxes by HABA, 025162*

Lead time: 12-14 Weeks
Wooden Vaulting Boxes by HABA, 025162*. Ten year warranty.
Available in 5 Different Sizes. Ages: 6 & Up. Made in Germany.

  • Durable, washable covers
  • Box parts can be combined w/one another
  • Easy to transport, cut-out sides
  • Safety mats are recommended

  • Vaulting Boxes Dimensions:
    A & B = 15¾"H x 19¾"W x 27¾"L
    C - 31½"H x 14¾"W x 19¾"L
    D = 31½"H x 14¾"W x 39½"L
    E = 43½"H x 19¾"W x 59¼"L
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    Brand HABA