Optical Board Sensory Wall Activity Panel by HABA, 120377

Lead Time: 2-4 Weeks

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Quick Overview

Optical Board Sensory Wall Activity Panel by HABA. L 16" x H 17". Ten year warranty. Made in Germany.

Fantastic optical effect and funny finger games -- two patterned turntables and two pushing elements. The little animals seem to creep or fly away when the boards are pushed. Because plenty of space has been left between the elements you can completely concentrate on the individual visual effects.

Use Guide Rails (120189 - 120191) to create a custom Sensory Wall where the Activity Panels easily interchange by sliding in and out, allowing the Sensory Wall to remain fresh over time.
Product Description

Made of birch wood. The patterns change by turning the circles. The Sensory Wall has a variety of elements that provide many different sensory experiences. Exploration engages the senses - sight, touch, hearing - as well as a sense of physicality. After exploring and understanding, children start to describe their experiences. When children express their experiences in words, they develop language skills.

In addition to mounting with Guide Rails (120189 - 120191), Activity Panels can also be mounted directly to wall with 2 screws (mounting hardware not included).

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Brand HABA
Shipping Info
Lead Time 2-4 Weeks