Lockable Drawers For PC Desk by HABA, 176219*

Lead time: 12-14 Weeks
Lockable Drawers For PC Desk by HABA. Has 1 top pullout with handle (H 2”), 3 drawers with handle (H 6”) and central locking. W 17” x H 21 ¼” x D 22”. Ten year warranty. Made in Germany.

Choose Color & Edge, and Side for Mounting.
More Information
Brand HABA
ABS-Edge -- Beech Wood (P1FB)
ABS-Edge -- White Beech (P1ZW)
ABS-Edge -- Light Gray (P1AL)
ABS-Edge -- White (P1WE)
For Mount on Right Side (UBRE)
For Mount on Left Side (UBLI)