Set.upp Angled-Back Sofas w/ Left Backrest by HABA, 559900* - 559905*

Lead Time: 12-14 Weeks

Quick Overview

W 69” x D 27 ¾”, Seat Height 17". Available in 3 different backrest sizes. Made in Germany.

Set.upp is a versatile, modern, creative furniture system that is perfect for constructing a collaborative seating area in any school, library, or open space.

NOTE: Straight Back Sofas not placed against a wall must be mounted to the floor.

Choose Backrest Size;
then choose Synthetic Leather or Fabric;
then choose Primary, Accent, & Trim Color Combo.

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Product Description
  • Clean lines, optimal function, and strategic use of color optimize learning objectives while bringing energy into the environment
  • With a holistic, comprehensive approach, set.upp adapts to the needs of a contemporary, modern style of learning
  • Flexible furniture allows educators to create a changeable environment that enables varied lessons
  • Promotes student collaboration in a whole new way while adding specialized gathering and study spaces within unused areas
  • Works in classrooms, faculty rooms, corridors, activity spaces, libraries, and more

Set.upp Straight Rectangle Sofas w/ Left Backrest:
  • 559900 -- Low Backrest / Fabric
  • 559901 -- Low Backrest / Synthetic Leather
  • 559902 -- Medium Backrest / Fabric
  • 559903 -- Medium Backrest / Synthetic Leather
  • 559904 -- High Backrest / Fabric
  • 559905 -- High Backrest / Synthetic Leather
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    Shipping Info No
    Hardware Info No
    Brand HABA
    Shipping Info
    Lead Time 12-14 Weeks