Two Person "Chill" Sofa by HABA, 091854*

Lead Time: 12-14 Weeks

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Chill Sofa 2-seat. W 53 ¼“, 135 cm, seat width 46 ¼“, 117 cm.

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Fabric is CAL 117 Compliant

  • CanvasBione Red (CB05)
  • CanvasBione Cherry Red (CB14)
  • CanvasBione Yellow (CB07)
  • CanvasBione Lime Green (CB04)
  • CanvasBione Meadow Green (CB03)
  • CanvasBione Teal (CB13)
  • CanvasBione Caribbean Blue (CB02)
  • CanvasBione Midnight Blue (CB15)
  • CanvasBione Royal Blue (CB01)
  • CanvasBione Sandy Beige (CB10)
  • CanvasBione Silver Gray (CB11)
  • CanvasBione Nougat Brown (CB08)
  • CanvasBione Espresso Brown (CB09)
  • CanvasBione Anthracite (CB12)
  • Gilde Weave Copper Red (G150)
  • Gilde Weave Copper Red w/ Mango Orange Dots (G170)
  • Gilde Weave Mango Orange w/ Copper Red Dots (G120)
  • Gilde Weave Mango Orange (G100)
  • Gilde Weave Mandarin Orange w/ Apricot Yellow Dots (G140)
  • Gilde Weave Apricot Yellow w/ Mandarin Orange Dots (G130)
  • Gilde Weave Lime Green (G051)
  • Gilde Weave Lime Green w/ Fern Green Dots (G071)
  • Gilde Weave Green Sheep (GSGR)
  • Gilde Weave Lime Green w/ Turquoise Dots (G072)
  • Gilde Weave Fern Green (G050)
  • Gilde Weave Fern Green w/ Lime Green Dots (G070)
  • Gilde Weave Turquoise Blue w/ Lime Green Dots (G023)
  • Gilde Weave Turquoise Blue (G003)
  • Gilde Weave Turquoise Birds (GVTR)
  • Gilde Weave Turquoise Gravel (GKTR)
  • Gilde Weave Caribbean Blue (G002)
  • Gilde Weave Caribbean Blue w/ Traffic Blue Dots (G022)
  • Gilde Weave Blue Gravel (GKBL)
  • Gilde Weave Blue Birds (GVBL)
  • Gilde Weave Traffic Blue w/ Caribbean Blue Dots (G021)
  • Gilde Weave Traffic Blue (G001)
  • Gilde Weave Agate Gray (G230)
  • Gilde Weave Agate Gray w/ Toffee Gray Dots (G250)
  • Gilde Weave Toffee Gray w/ Agate Gray Dots (G220)
  • Gilde Weave Toffee Gray (G200)

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Product Description
Upholstered Furniture “Chill“. Stylish and comfortable: everyone loves sitting in these. Wood frame combined with chipboard, sides covered with Diolen cotton; seat and back with padding springs and foam- backrest with foam and wood feet. D 34“, 86 cm, overall height 27 ½“, 70 cm, seat height 15 ¾“, 40 cm, seat depth 21 ¼“, 54 cm.
Additional Info
Shipping Info No
Hardware Info No
Brand HABA
Shipping Info
Lead Time 12-14 Weeks