Grow.upp Room Concepts

Grow.upp -- an oasis in which being a child is simply natural. A room with Grow.upp furniture is the perfect addition to daily outings into nature. The room elements are consciously designed according to the laws of nature, which we recognize from our local landscapes. The look is characterized by softly curved angles and evolved structures to open up new possibilities and paths. The dynamic interior design offers many surprises.

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  1.  Room Partition
    Grow.upp Door Partition by HABA, 440357
  2.  Partitions
    Grow.upp Stones & Woodpecker Partition by HABA, 440355
  3. Grow Upp Partitions by HABA
    Grow.upp Bird Partition by HABA, 440353
  4. Grow Upp Children's Partitions by HABA
    Grow.upp Net Partition by HABA, 440354
  5. HABA Grow Upp Colored Acrylic Accent Partition
    Grow.upp Colored Acrylic Partition by HABA, 440351
  6. Grow Upp by HABA
    Grow.upp Safety Mirror Partition by HABA, 440352
  7.  440350
    Grow.upp Acrylic Partition by HABA, 440350
  8. HABA Grow Upp Cave Partition Corner
    Grow.upp Cave Partition by HABA, 440360
  9. Grow Upp by HABA Children's Room Partitions
    Grow.upp Crawl Tunnel Partition by HABA, 440356
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