Kiboo Air Cushion Chair w/ Armrests by HABA, Air Lift Active 558272*

Lead Time: 12-14 Weeks

Quick Overview

Available in 16 ¼" - 21" seat height. Ten year warranty. Made in Germany.

Height-adjustable, swivel chair with grip hole. Active seating mechanism.

Kiboo Brochure
Choose Seat Height, Chair Seat and Frame Color, and Glide type.

More Options

  • Tandori Red (K804)
  • Saffron Orange (K803)
  • Lime Green (K801)
  • Riviera Blue (K802)
  • Atmosphere Grey (K805)
  • Eternity Grey (K806)
  • White Aluminum (9006)
  • Tandori Red (P045)
  • Saffron Orange (L024)
  • Zinc Yellow (1018)
  • Lime Green (P046)
  • Turquoise (P040)
  • Riviera Blue (P038)
  • Atmosphere (7037)
  • Eternity Grey (7015)
  • Pure White (9010)
  • Chrome (CHRO)

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Product Description
Double-walled, elastic seat shell allows for students to sit comfortably, as if they were sitting in a cushioned chair. The air-cushion effect is created by a hollow seat shell which is sturdy and ergonomic. Perfect for classrooms, libraries, common gathering areas, community centers and healthcare facilities. Available in multiple configurations, six seat colors and 11 frame color options so you can mix and match for a bold seating arrangement. Made in Germany. Ten year warranty.

  • Easy to clean. Simply wipe with disinfectant wipes. No need to worry about liquids getting inside the seat shell.
  • Available in five additional frame options.
  • Select Soft Casters for hard floors or Hard Casters for soft floors, or Felt or Plastic Glides.
  • Grip hole included on the back of each chair for easy transportation.

  • Kiboo Air Lift Active Chairs w/ Armrests:
  • 558272 -- 16 ¼" - 21" seat height, 16 ¼" depth, 16 ½" width, 24 ½" chair width
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    Brand HABA
    Shipping Info
    Lead Time 12-14 Weeks