solit:sit® Height-Adjustable Plastic Chairs w/ Adjustable Footrest by HABA, 178038* - 178039*

Lead time: 12-14 Weeks
solit:sit® Height-Adjustable Chairs w/Adjustable Footrest, 178038*-178039*.
Available in Two Different Seat Heights and Two Sizes. Weight: 10¾ lbs.
Ten year warranty. Made in Germany. Cantilever-shaped chair design.

  • Waisted area of ​​lumbar spine - easy on the back
  • Recess for hanging school bags
  • Seat shell w/grained, blunt seat
  • Safely stackable thanks to plastic cover on underside

  • Choose Seat Height, Color & Glide Type.
    More Information
    Brand HABA
    178038 - 12¼”-15"H
    178039 - 15”-17"H
    Plastic Glides (GLKU)
    Felt Glides (GLFI)