~deLana~ Large Rectangle Floor Cushion by HABA, 163060-163061

Lead time: 12-14 Weeks

~deLana~ Large Rectangle Floor Cushions by HABA. Made of synthetic leather and available in two thicknesses.

  • 163060: 3½"H x 77"W x 51¼"D
  • 163061: 7¼"H x 77"W x 51¼"D

Five year warranty. Made in Germany.

  • Stable & Strong: high-quality, long-lasting foam
  • Stationary: underside w/anti-slip base
  • Hygienic: easy to wipe of and disinfect
  • Comfortable: pleasantly soft synthetic leather

Choose mat Thickness and Synthetic Leather Color.

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Brand HABA Pro
3½"H x 77"W x 51¼"D (163060)
7¼"H x 77"W x 51¼"D (163061)