Designer Classroom Carpets by Joy Carpets, 30-CR*

Lead Time: 2-4 weeks

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Available in a variety of themes, shapes, and sizes. Made in the USA.

Brighten classrooms and libraries, engage children and provide a gathering spot for reading.

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Product Description
Choose from educational MyPlate and Alphabet & Shapes themes, to bright and colorful Harmony Park, Hands Around the World, and Tiny Town carpets and more. Durable and fun, these carpets wow in a classroom or library setting. Children enjoy the interactive themes that ignite their imaginations.

  • SoftFlex Back eliminates wrinkles.
  • AlphaSan treatment inhibits bacteria and odors.
  • Green Label Plus Certified - highest indoor air quality standard.

    Themes include: Seascape (OSS), Harmony Park (HPS), Animal Families (ANF), Fruit & Veggie (F&V), MyPlate (MYP), Alphabet & Shapes (ASH), Hands Around the World (HAW), Animal Phonics (ANP), Lots of Dots (DOT), Friendly Fish (FSH), Creataville (CVL), Tiny Town (TIN), Signs of Emotion (SGN), Check Us Out (CHK), Wild About Books (WLD), Cosmic Wonders (COS), Animals All Around (ANA), Alphabet Trail (ATR), and Playful Pond (PLP).

    Replaces item numbers: JOY1798XLE, JOY1798E, JOY1798H, JOY1670G, JOY1670D, JOY1670C, JOY1488G, JOY1488E, JOY1488D, JOY1488DD, JOY1488C, JOY1488CC, JOY1623G, JOY1623D, JOY1623DD, JOY1623C, JOY1623CC, JOY1430G, JOY1430E, JOY1430D, JOY1430DD, JOY1430C, JOY1430CC, JOY8020G, JOY8020D, JOY8020C, JOY1413G, JOY1413D, JOY1413C, JOY1414G, JOY1414D, JOY1414C, JOY1433G, JOY1433D, JOY1433C, JOY1486D, JOY1486C, JOY1494G, JOY1494D, JOY1494DD, JOY1494C, JOY1494CC, JOY1669E, JOY1669DD, JOY1669CC, JOY1714D, JOY1714C, JOY1788G, JOY1788D, JOY1788C, JOY1792G, JOY1792D, JOY1792C
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