Children's Furniture Company® Play-From-The-Top Square Activity Tables, Y14*

Lead Time: 2-4 weeks

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26 1/2" x 26 1/2" Square. Five Year Warranty. Made in the USA.

Great for children's spaces in any waiting room or children's commercial play area.

Replaces Y1401826*, Y1402226*, Y1411826*, Y1412226*, Y1441826*, Y1442226*, Y1451826*, and Y1452226*.

Choose table theme, table height, and stain color.

More Options

  • Funny Face (0)
  • Road Trip (1)
  • Bees & Flowers (5)
  • Language (6)

Natural is standard, color is an upcharge

  • Natural (01N)
  • Yellow (02Y)
  • Orange (030)
  • Red (04R)
  • Green (05G)
  • Blue (06B)
  • Purple (07P)

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Product Description
Our fully enclosed activity tables are all the fun with none of the mess! Constructed with shatterproof safety glass and solid, rich maple woods with child-friendly stains. Cleans easily with disinfectant wipes. No batteries or loose parts to worry about. Several children can all play at the same time. Colorful design and easy-to-move magnets let children pass the time by creating funny faces, moving cars around, or other fun activities. Includes 4 magnetic wands.

Children's Furniture Company® furnishings are known for being creative options for any waiting area. Our classic and ever-evolving Leaf Chairs, Play Islands, and Magnetic Sand Tables can be found in children's waiting areas & play spaces all over the nation. Made with child-friendly stains, shatterproof glass, and a variety of animal shapes, leaf shapes, and sand table design options, our products are made to withstand commercial use. Five Year Warranty. Made in the USA

Themes include Funny Face, Road Trip, Bees & Flowers, and Language.

Includes 4 magnetic wands, click below if replacement wand is needed.

Replacement Wand
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